Posted: May. 13, 2014

Graeme Stewart, director of public sector strategy at McAfee

It's no secret that the UK is currently experiencing a shortage of skilled individuals to protect us from the ever-evolving cybercrime threat. Yet we often don't take time to recognise the great work security professionals undertake, as modern day superheroes, and consider where the next generation of cybercrime defenders will come from.

Looking to the future online safety of the nation's citizens, and even national security itself, means that the education of the next generation needs to start early, but also has to be fun in order to engage young people in an interactive way.

Hubs like Bletchley Park Trust, home of the World War II codebreakers, provide a fantastic insight into how the threat to our nation has been scuppered in the past, and is an ideal platform to continue the battle against cybercriminals – educating the next generation and securing our nation's cyber boarders long into the future.

McAfee and the Bletchley Park Trust announced a partnership in October last year outlining plans to heavily invest in educating visitors of all ages around the dangers of cybercrime. Opening this summer, McAfee will be providing workshops and activities for visiting schools in order to educate around the threats to security we face on a daily basis in an interactive and engaging way.

To further inspire the next generation of codebreakers and security professionals, McAfee recently announced a competition asking children aged 8-11 to design a 'next generation superhero', tasked with keeping the online world safe. The competition winner will be able to take their entire school class along to Bletchley Park, being one of the first groups to take part in McAfee's Computer Learning Suite, McAfee's Online Safety for Kids workshop and visit the new McAfee Cyber Security exhibition.

For more information about the prize, how to enter, and the terms & conditions, please see here.